One of Angie’s earliest assignments was as the For Kids’ Sake reporter for CBS6 in Richmond, Virginia. From that day to this, she remains committed to sharing stories and essential information to help children and families lead better, stronger, happier lives. Her expertise as a literacy educator informs her reporting and her community work. Angie embraces journalistic objectivity; she also recognizes that basic respect and genuine opportunity should be equally available to all.

“We awarded Angie the Media Educator of the Year award for her innovative literacy work with adult learners and preschool-aged children.” Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education

“We received positive reviews from everyone who attended your workshop. It was clear that you are passionate about the cause of supporting children through homelessness.” Horizons for Homeless Children

“The inmates are still talking about everything they learned from your visits, and at night, I see some of them reading the books you gave out during your sessions.” Richmond City Jail