This author has been putting words to paper since she could hold a crayon. Yet she is only at the beginning of what she intends to be a prolific writing career. After publication of her book of children’s poetry, Short Pump Bump!, The Beacon described the work as “Fun. Upbeat. Thoughtful.” And Richmond Family Magazine touted Angie as “Richmond’s ultimate wordsmith.” The book will soon be joined by other works for children, as well as volumes for educators and for general adult audiences, as well. Expect topics to include politics, history, well-being and much more.

“In addition to working as a broadcast journalist and writer, Miles is a reading specialist who helps local schools foster a love of reading and improve test scores. She earned a graduate degree from UVA in reading, with an emphasis on gifted education and adolescent literacy. But she says her informal training happened in her ‘home laboratory,’ where she taught her four sons to read before they started kindergarten.

“When she is not teaching or on the air, Miles makes time to write whenever inspiration strikes. She scribbles on napkins and the backs of paper scraps whenever she has an idea. Over time, these paper scraps have enabled Miles to compile what she describes as ‘a vast storehouse of unpublished work.'” Catherine Brown, The Beacon

“For daily inspiration, Miles recalls a quote from Thomas Jefferson that’s on the wall of the CBS6 newsroom: Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe. For Miles, the reference speaks volumes. ‘It’s a quote that captures the essence of my life’s work to this point,’ she says. ‘It’s promoting the importance of journalism, literacy and maintaining the freedom and quality that are the best parts of America.'” Joan Tupponce, Richmond Family Magazine